Light Particle


Teaser / Commercial Film

The USM Tionghua Language Society Mini Performance Night is an annual activity organised by the three Performing Arts Bodies of the society. It is indeed, a very interesting kind of stage performance whereby all the performers are first timers. Light Particle, the theme for this year’s Mini Performance Night is simple yet powerful enough to highlight the excitement of the performers to be performing on stage for the first time ever in the University, or perhaps the first time in life. At the same time, another focus is on collaboration of power by the seniors of the three Performing Arts Bodies. The power shall gather and form a streak of light. As you stand on stage, you shall shine as the Light Particle in our hearts.


Bringing over to the conceptualisation of this concept film “Light and You”, is the elaboration on the theme description. There is no show if you are standing on a dark stage. Likewise, there is also no show if there is no one on a bright stage. Lights and you, are the two mandatory elements that form a complete show. Meanwhile ideas of this concept film is further developed with the theme “interaction between lights and people” to deeply reflect the feeling of a first time performer on stage.


Production Team

Organiser | Persatuan Bahasa Tionghua USM 理大華文學會

Production of Light Particle Publicity Group 光粒子宣傳組製作
Project Director | Peong Chong Sing 房仲欣
Group Leaders | Lim Sing Shik, Moey Kah Wei, Ng Wei Sin
Videography | Lok Jia En 駱家恩
Motion Graphics | Kelvin Lim Ching Wei 林錦威
Lighting | Lim Soon Tatt 林順達


Sapphire Studios Branding Spots 頻道設計



Timeline Teaser 遊 · 卌 形象影片



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