Light Particle


Teaser / Commercial Film

There is no show if you are standing on a dark stage. Likewise, there is also no show if there is no one on a bright stage. Lights and you, are the two mandatory elements that form a complete show. Meanwhile ideas of this concept film is further developed with the theme “interaction between lights and people” to deeply reflect the feeling of a first time performer on stage.



Organiser | Persatuan Bahasa Tionghua USM 理大華文學會

Production of Light Particle Publicity Group 光粒子宣傳組製作
Project Director | Peong Chong Sing 房仲欣
Group Leaders | Lim Sing Shik, Moey Kah Wei, Ng Wei Sin
Videography | Lok Jia En 駱家恩
Motion Graphics | Kelvin Lim Ching Wei 林錦威
Lighting | Lim Soon Tatt 林順達

Project Debut | 2016/12/01
Last Update | 2019/07/12


Sapphire Studios Branding Spots 頻道設計



Timeline Teaser 遊 · 卌 形象影片



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