USMWXJ6: Wei Yang


Logo Bumper / Screen Design

“Wei Yang, a line that connects the other, signifying a journey of life. The passion towards writing should not come to an end with the end of USMWXJ (The USM Chinese Literature Award). Instead, the journey shall continue, and the line shall continue to connect, towards the future.” This screen design is designed for the committees of the USM Chinese Literature Award to be played as a standby slide during the awards ceremony.



Organiser | Persatuan Bahasa Tionghua USM 理大華文學會

Production of USMWXJ6 第六屆理大文學獎製作
Project Director | Cho Leh Jing 周麗晶
Producer | Yuan Qi Wang 杜沁芫(元氣王)
Motion Graphics | Kelvin Lim Ching Wei 林錦威

Project Debut | 2016/05/22
Last Update | 2017/12/31


Love Across Borders 卷戀



#USMMAF2016 Promo 童心縈 · 秋月懷 宣傳影片



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