Wherever you go, go with all your hearts.

My name is Kelvin, USM Computer Science graduate. I worked on motion graphics since secondary school as part of my hobby, sometimes just to help completing multimedia tasks in school and university events. I always believe that a concept should come before visual designs, because beauty does not determine the quality of an artwork, yet a contented and meaningful one that inspires people would worth more. Asides motion graphics, I soon ventured into user interface, user experience and mobile application design as part of my studies in the Computer Science field.

In this online exhibition gallery, I will be sharing to you the concepts behind all my past projects, which perhaps you may, but mostly you will never realise some ideas emerge through my personal experience and life stories. Welcome to the world of MotionArts (A Gaolat Starsky Project).

Currently Open For New Projects

I am currently open to collaboration opportunities, please drop me an e-mail at with details such as contents, duration and a targeted dateline. Thank you for visiting and hope to see you again soon!

如有合案機會,請將資料(內容,片長,交片日等相關資料)電郵至 與我聯絡。謝謝您的到來!

Cover Photo by: Shee Kit Lin